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Product Variation Table for WooCommerce


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  • Version: 1.4.0
  • Required WordPress Version: 5.5+
  • Required WooCommerce Version: 5.0+
  • Required PHP Version: 7.0+


Easily organize all of your WooCommerce product variations in a table format to help your customers easily sort, filter, select, and buy their desired variation. 

Product Variation Table for WooCommerce (PVT) lets you showcase your product variations in a table format. You can provide your customers an organized view of your variation products in a grid and tabular format.

The plugin comes with a variety of table layouts and customization options.  It also provides a search feature for variation tables, which makes it easier to find a product. 

The shopping experience is made easier with add to cart buttons beside each table item. So it’s time for you to take advantage of this plugin and enhance your user experience. 

What you can do with the Product Variation Table & the benefits

  • Let your customers select from a user-friendly view of your product variations.
  • Help customers select better through all the menu variations as per their desire.
  • Display all variations of products in the form of tables and grids on your WooCommerce store.
  • Customers need to pick their variation and select Add to Cart, where they can view all the variations chosen along with the product.
  • Provide a managed look to your page without any confusion to selecting their desired variations. Hence, it’ll save their valuable time.
  • As your customer selects any product variation, the appropriate price will be shown along with all other variation’s prices in the table form.


Revolutionize the way you display your variable products on product details pages. Represent the product variations as a table with lots of customization and control options.

Bulk Add to Cart Option

By default, your customers have no way to add multiple variations of a product to the cart. Well, those days are over! Empower your customers to select multiple variations of a WooCommerce variable product and add them to Cart with just a single click.

Bulk add to cart


Convenient Control Options for Each Product

Product Variation Table for WooCommerce gives you perfect product level controls. So, you can control the product variation display options for each product. Three different options will help you include or exclude the table for a product. Moreover, the third option lets you display a WooCommerce variable product with both the default drop-down along with the table.

Convenient Control Options for Each Product


Include or exclude variation table for a category

Apart from the product level control options, there is also a global option to bulk control your products by enabling or disabling the product variation table for a category. Thus in simple steps, you can enable or disable the variation table for a batch of products.


Include or exclude variation table for a category


Resize variation thumbnails on the product table

Control the thumbnail size of your product variation from the thumbnail settings section. Product Variation Table for WooCommerce comes with a default thumbnail size of 100px. If you desire large thumbnails to ensure a better outlook, this option will come in handy.

Resize variation thumbnails on the product table


Enable thumbnail pop-up for variation table

Give your customers an option to view the product variation image thumbnail enlarged on a pop-up window. The large thumbnail on the pop-up window will give a complete and clear view to your customers. Thus, you can reduce customer confusion and amplify their purchase intentions.

Enable thumbnail pop-up for variation table

Variation Title on Pop-up

The ability to show the original thumbnail image on a pop-up window takes you one step ahead. Additionally, you can include the variation title with the pop-up thumbnails. As a result, the pop-ups will be more descriptive for your customers.

Enable Thumbnail Gallery on Pop-up

Here is another exciting feature for the thumbnail pop-up settings. With the Popup Thumbnail Gallery option, you can include the thumbnail gallery in the pop-up. So, customers will be able to view the complete gallery on the pop-up window.

Ability to Search the Table

To add more convenience for your customers, you can enable a search field for the product variation table. Customers can search with their desired terms to get a filtered output on the table.

Ability to Search the Table


Product variation table along with dropdown

You should love the new way of visual representation of our WooCommerce product variations. What if you could include both the product variation table and the default drop-downs of WooCommerce! Luckily, from the product level settings of the Product Variation Table for WooCommerce, you can enable both options for your desired products.

Product variation table along with dropdown


Add the table anywhere with the power of a Shortcode

You should rule the style of your store. Product Variation Table for WooCommerce comes with a shortcode allowing you to include the table anywhere on the product page. Use the shortcode [pvtfw_table_display] to add the variation table in your product description or anywhere else.

Add the table anywhere with the power of a Shortcode

Personalize Product Variation Table for WooCommerce

We want to empower all WooCommerce store owners with outstanding new options so they can ensure better engagement with their customers. Apart from regular updates of the existing features, we will look for new features for you. If you have any feature suggestions, please share them with us.

Note: Apart from the premium features, you will also have access to the basic version of the Product Variation Table for WooCommerce. You can learn more about the basic features from this product page.

  • Feature
  • Pro
  • Free
  • Turn off Table Breaking for Small Device
  • Yes
  • Yes


  • Zoom Variation Thumbnail
  • Yes
  • No


  • Bulk Variation Cart
  • Yes
  • No


  • Category Base Table Display
  • Yes
  • No


  • Bulk add to cart variation products.
  • Yes
  • No


Super service, super plugin

alioki June 30, 2022

Le plugin est super, mais mieux encore, le service est hyper réactif. Les réponses sont précises et les solutions apportées sont vraiment faites à la carte (pour ma part c'était suite à un bug détecté après mise à jour). Merci à tous pour votre excellent travail !

Perfect so far

Thomas Sheldon June 2, 2022

I was looking for this type of plugin to display variation products in a table, and this one worked perfectly. The free version has a lots of available features. The pro is awesome for getting quick sales. Keep up the wonderful work and support.

Awesome support and excellent plugin

malinky May 18, 2022

Easy to configure and when I needed a bit of help, the support was fast and efficient. I like how this plugin allows me to customise the product page in seconds.

Very useful plugin and support is very responsive.

BrodNeil April 25, 2022

Thank you so much for creating the plugin. This is a big help and easy to use. The support is very responsive and very straightforward with the instructions. Thank you so much.

Great Support

spiros13 March 4, 2022

Very Useful Plugin for Variations. I was stuck when i was trying to make some changes about custom fields. The support was very helpful and quick. Congrats.


kyleitt March 4, 2022

This plugin works exactly as intended and is just so straight forward & easy to use. Above all this, the support team behind this is exceptional and they helped me out with a request I had. I am so grateful to these guys!
  • 1.4.0 [28-02-2022]
    • Initial
    • Initial Release