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Public Ticket #1952

Divi Woo layout and Product Variation Table plugin



I want to ask I am building woocommerce e-shop with Divi, all layouts for carts, checkout and products are customized with Divi.

When I tried to intgrate it with Product Variation Table plugin, the table is showed on the top, I tried to change to other options in plugin settings, but it is still on top. Can I just use your shortcode and integrate it to Divi product Layout or it will not work properly? Somehow turn off the automatic integration and integrate it only to specific element.


Thank you very much.



Hi Majox,

I hope you are doing well today. Please add the following snippet using the Code Snippets Plugin. You can also add the following snippet inside your current theme's functions.php file:

function pvt_divi_builder_support(){
$pvtfw_table = PVTFW_TABLE::instance();
$pvtfw_print_table = PVTFW_PRINT_TABLE::instance();
$table = $pvtfw_print_table::allocation();
remove_action('template_redirect', array( $pvtfw_table, 'remove_add_to_cart'), 29 );
remove_action($table['place'], array($pvtfw_print_table, 'print_table'), $table['priority']);
add_action('init', 'pvt_divi_builder_support');

Note: If you want to add it inside your theme's functions.php file. I will suggest using a child theme. Otherwise, all these changes will be removed if you apply this in your main/parent theme.

Then use the shortcode to place the table:


Please let me know if this help. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards