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Public Ticket #2059

PVT decodeurl (attribute name with chinese characters)


Hello, WPXtension team.

Thank you for creating this amazing plugin.

I am just wondering if there is a way decodeurl when fetching or displaying the name of the attribute with chinese characters?

For example. a attribute value named “連畫面” is displayed as “%e9%80%a3%e7%95%ab%e9%9d%a2” on the table on frontend.

Is there a way to make the table cell display “連畫面”?

Thank you!

Best regards



Hi flowclass,

I hope you are doing well today. Please make sure you have added the attribute slug in Chinese language or not. If so, please change it to English. Other languages are not supported in attribute term slug. Otherwise, WooCommerce encodes it. But you can keep the term name in Chinese.

I hope it will resolve your issue.

Best Regards