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Public Ticket #2327

PVT with Guest User Role should be more limiting

Douglas Ibarra


My clients do not want their website to allow a casual viewer to see more information than is necessary until they are approved as a registered user.  PVT does properly support the guest role settings and hides the item prices (ie. “Login to See Prices”) when a user drills into look at a variation product.

However, the stock quantity column is considered sensitive information to most B2B operations as well.  Most businesses do not want potential clients to know what they are low on until after enrolling.  They also don’t want secret shopper competitors to know whether or not they actually have stock on certain products either.    I suggest either blanking the stock column along with the price column or hide the entire variation table altogether since the user cannot add anything to the cart until they register anyway.


Douglas Ibarra

Douglas Ibarra

My apologies... The functionality of hiding sensitive information when a user is not logged in is not a function of PVT.  PVT properly follows the Woo pricing standards and another 3rd party plugin we recommend to our clients is what hides the prices from view when a user is not logged in.

But I would like to provide a suggestion that PVT could easily implement without the need for some web hook code.  It would be nice to see PVT offer an option that would basically hide the entire grid table if the user is not logged in.  This would provide an extra security element to businesses that don't want site visitors seeing other sensitive details (like the stock qty).



Hi Douglas,

I hope you are doing well today. Thank you so much for your update regarding the price-hiding feature.

We will keep this suggestion on our to-do list and hopefully, it will be added to the upcoming releases.

Thanks again for your suggestions for the PVT.

Best Regards