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Public Ticket #2377

How To Use Variation Price Display Range for WooCommerce


Hi I’m trying to add a price range to display for this product:


I’ve gone through the plugin settings and tried to change the product to variable product, but I’m still not seeing the option to set the price variation to: From $299-$799

Please help. Thank you very much.



Hi there,

I hope that you are doing great.

I have checked the shared product and it is listed as a bookabe rental product.

Our plugin works with variable product with an exception for grouped products.

If you change the product type to variable product then you need to have minium two variations.

One of the variation will have the price $299 and the other $799.

Thus WooCommerce will display the price range.

Here is an example product that I have created for you.

Please remove the draft once you have checked it.

If you have any confusion, please let us know.

Thank you