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Public Ticket #3006

How to scroll to Available Options Table from Product Archive + Quick View question


I’m building a new site and was testing out your PVT plugin for my variations.  I had a couple questions:

  1. Is there a way to have the product page automatically scroll to the Available Options Table (I renamed table header to Select Options using code snippet you provided in another ticket) when a user clicks on Select Options button of a product in the Product Archive page?
  2. Can I have the same thing happen as above when a user clicks the Select Options button in product Quick View (go to Product page and auto scroll to table)? It currently does nothing as the plugin thinks it is on the Product page not in Quick View (button link is trying to scrollto= “#variant-table”). If that is not possible, can you help me remove the Select Options button from the Quick View?

I love your product and if I can work out the above issues (especially #2), I will be purchasing the Pro version later this week so I can use the Bulk Add to Cart button!



Hi there,

I hope that you are doing great. Thanks a lot for your interest in our plugin.

(1). Unfortunately, you cannot do that at this moment. Our development team will take a look into this. Hopefully, we will be able to help you with this customization.

(2). I have checked using quick view and by default the table is not displayed inside quick view pop up. Our development team will also look into this, but we are unsure if this will work or not.

I will get back to yo with the update.

Thanks a lot